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Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to Still Life

Apples & Pears wtih Plant, 12 x 16
I took a workshop with Christine Lafuente in March. I love the looseness and freshness of her compositions. Sometimes the interactions with artists in a workshop situation can help get you out of a hole with your work. As a teacher, it is also helpful to see how others run workshops to help tune up your own teaching process.  This painting, done in the workshop, is certainly looser than my typical style, but lots of room for more...

So I started to work on the fruit in the studio...

Two Pomegranites, 8x10

 I loved the planes of light and color I found in these pomegranites. This painting will be in the Wayne Art Center's Feast for the Eyes exhibit, opening October 24, 2010.
Apples & Pears with Pitcher, 16 x 20

Peppers, 8x10

Three Pears 9 x 12