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Friday, June 25, 2010

Contrasts in Paris................I'm not sure this painting is finished as yet. I have been fiddling with the figure in the foreground, my son Peter, because my daughter pointed out that his butt was too big, (see below in the earlier version). I also removed the orange section of sidewalk because I thought it was distracting from the rest of the composition... in any case it is still not finished!

More Italian Market............I recently made 2 trips down to the Italian Market, one of my favorite painting locations in the city. Here are some of my recent studies- 
Watermelons on 9th Street 8 x 10

Lobsters & Crabs 14 x 11

Men at the Market 9 x 12

Anthony's Cafe  8 x 10

Most of these will be part of my upcoming exhibit at Artists' House in October...